The Perfect Gifts for your Baby-Havin’ Friends!

So, I wanted to share a few great ideas that I have seen online for newborn gifts. Everyone wants to be that one person, or one couple, that brings a badass baby gift to your friends in the hospital. Having a baby is a milestone! And what better way to celebrate that milestone than these gifts. Obviously, one of the gifts is available at Spunky Stork, but hey… we never said we were against self-promotion!

Fill-out your own Hospital Newborn Onesie$30
This adorable, organic onesie has easy-to-write-on spaces for the baby’s birth name, birthdate, time, weight, and hospital. This is craaazy soft and comes with your choice of a black, blue, or pink Sharpie. Yeah!
(available at














Christmas Argyle Baby Diaper Cover & Matching Tie – $23
Just in time for the holidays, your baby boy would look ridiculously stylish in this getup. I mean, how can any mom not LOVE this! Plus, it’s handmade. Gotta love Etsy!
(available at Seams2u on Etsy)

Christmas Argyle Baby Tie and Diaper Cover Set - Perfect for Christmas Photos

New Baby Wine Boxes – $45
We have a baby! Let’s drink! This gift is so cute and seemingly customizable (with your ability to pick a “boy” or girl” wine box) for new parents. Not that anyone is gonna run to the nearest bar right after poppin’ out a baby, but I have seen wine and champagne bottles in the delivery room! True story.
(available at

Playsam Pink Stroller – $62
Unique, modern and über sleek, this mini 2.25″ x 4″ pink stroller by Playsam is a wonderful and interesting gift to give new parents. Made with wood and non-toxic materials, it’s a great little trinket to add to the hospital nightstand, and to transfer to the home once baby leaves the hospital.
(available at arte bebe)
(available in BLUE at All Modern)
Playsam Pink Stroller (SALE $62, 1 left!)

Cate and Levi Giraffe Hand Puppet – $30
Hand puppets are making a comeback! This is a great, easy toy to bring to the hospital. Made with organic material, this soft toy won’t be harsh to touch the newborn baby with, and the bright, vibrant colors are fantastic for new eyes.
(available at

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Unofficial 2012 Voting Prediction… by Babies!

Alright, so this is probably the most ridiculous post written on the 2012 US Presidential campaign, but I thought it was VERY interesting and I wanted to share.

Is it possible to get a prediction of the outcome of the Presidential election by the amount of “democrat” donkey and “republican” elephant organic onesies sales? Probably not, but judging by the amount of “republican” baby bodysuits flying out the door, I’d say Romney and Ryan are way ahead. We’re looking at 65% elephant onesies vs. 35% donkey onesies! Some people at Spunky Stork are NOT happy about that… and some people are thrilled. Needless to say, I stay away from all of that inter-office political drama.

Which onesie (or tee) would you let your kid sport? Or perhaps you prefer to not allow your babe to make ANY political statements, which is perfectly alright too!

Oh, you know… just killing it karaoke-style in a supermarket.

I am super excited now that the X-Factor and The Voice are back on television, because – quite frankly – there is nothing better than seeing someone make a complete fool of themselves in front of a massive audience. Somewhere in my twisted mind (and I am sure I am not alone here) I get a slightly giddy and gratifying feeling watching people do cringe-worthy things. I do, however, get that same giddy and gratifying feeling from watching people do amazing things. With that said, I wanted to share a video of a girl doing karakoke in a Singapore… supermarket? This blew me away, and I think that she actually does a better job than the original artist, almost. Check it out and let us know what you think!


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I might want to have a baby just to buy this.

After hours of perusing through Etsy, something we do rather well over here at the Spunky Stork, I found this ovary-bursting piece of cuteness from a handmade store: chicksalejunior. Seriously. This has got to be one of the most adorable pictures I have seen… and while the wool knitted poncho is to die for, I have to say that the infant sporting the poncho is definitely the best salespersonbaby ever.

Perhaps the baby should sport our organic FREE HUGS onesie under that soft goodness… then all will be complete. But, really, check out chicksalejunior on Etsy, because they have the most precious handmade baby stuff 🙂

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Do Babies Celebrate Halloween?

If you are new mom, any new holiday is the perfect opportunity to deck your kid out in festive attire. Halloween is no exception. On this particular holiday, even though babies aren’t able to actually go out and “Trick or Treat” (duh) they are certainly subjected to every type of costume imaginable. Why? Because babies look adorable in Halloween costumes. We have put together a collage of our favorites below. Check them out… perhaps you’ll get an idea… you’ll definitely get a chuckle:

1) peacock costume from 2) Billy Bob pacifier from 3) newborn crocodile hat by chicksalejunior on Etsy  4) belted red santa claus organic baby onesie from spunky stork on Etsy 5) pink baby bunny rabbit costume from 6) Nike glow in the dark skeleton shoes from 7) baby lobster costume from 8) baby albert einstein wig from

Don’t forget, if you want to cut out the costumes completely, you can always opt to snag one of our super soft, cool organic baby onesies or tees,  from our organic Halloween collection…. we love Halloween-style! How will you celebrate your holiday?

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Make Wimbledon Interesting for the Little Ones

I love tennis. It’s one of those sports that sucks you in, and today’s players are such amazing athletes, it’s hard to not become totally engrossed in the matches. This year at Wimbledon, there have already been a few upsets… tennis darling Maria Sharapova was eliminated by fan favorite Serena Williams. However, Williams and her sister, Venus, were beat out in doubles! But the biggest upset so far has been Roger Federer’s elimination. Keep watching to find out who goes all the way!

Is your baby or toddler a future tennis player? Or perhaps just a fan? These onesies and t-shirts are not only a little unconventional, but show off an appreciation for grass-court tennis. Perfect for any little one who loves tennis… check them out below:

Available for $27 on Spunky Stork

Available for $27 on Spunky Stork

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Kids Running Businesses!

Now, this is an idea I can get behind! After all, the developing minds of little ones shouldn’t be ignored. Franchild is a franchise company that encourages kids to manifest their silly (or brilliant) ideas in the form of a mini-business. A little crazy? Perhaps. An early exercise in entrepreneurship? Absolutely. It’s never too early to immerse children in the business of… well, business.

Here’s how it works. Franchild has several business units set up to choose from. They include categories from coffee, to candles to spices. The company helps launch your webpage after you have chosen your business category and then you start ordering your inventory. Franchild even helps with marketing tools like supplying business cards. The rest is up to the little ones!

In my excitement, I have probably not done such a fantastic job describing the concept behind Franchild. Learn more about how this company is committed to helping you and your kids learn the valuable lesson of entrepreneurship. Check out their website here: Franchild Website.

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Ultra Personalized Baby Blankets

The warmth, snugness and peace of mind that a baby’s blanket is always associated with are what inspires us to buy them for new bundles of joy in the first place.

Now, you can personalize baby blankets with more than just a name or embroidered initials. Fill in the Blankie personalizes blankets with sayings, quotes, poems and much more. Although they are also known for going the traditional route – embellishing their colorful options with baby names and initials- allowing a “blankie” to be customized with something more meaningful is a wonderful and special touch.

Visit Fill in the Blankie to see all the color and pattern options available. Don’t forget that these personalized baby blankets make a fantastic gift!

Speaking of personalization. Check out the Spunky Stork’s custom onesies and tees!

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“WHAT?!?!” This was my exuberant response after seeing the final edits from the Spunky Stork’s new promotional model, Harper Morrison’s photoshoot.

organic baby clothes

Photographer, Stacy Jacobsen (who lives in Washington) was able to get some phenomenal shots of little Harper, and also managed to perfectly and effortlessly (okay, it looks effortless) capture the quirky and fun essence of our line.

organic baby clothes

If you want a great photographer, check her out! I live in NYC and she was able to work with me remotely from here. Amazing. Not to forget Harper and her wonderful mommy, Amanda, who were such troopers and unbelievably easy to work with.

To learn more about Stacy, visit her website Stacy Jacobsen Photography.

To check out that little nugget of cuteness visit Stacy’s blog entry featuring Harper and the Spunky Stork.

Harper is now accepting baby model gigs and can be contacted through her agent at

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