Unofficial 2012 Voting Prediction… by Babies!

Alright, so this is probably the most ridiculous post written on the 2012 US Presidential campaign, but I thought it was VERY interesting and I wanted to share.

Is it possible to get a prediction of the outcome of the Presidential election by the amount of “democrat” donkey and “republican” elephant organic onesies sales? Probably not, but judging by the amount of “republican” baby bodysuits flying out the door, I’d say Romney and Ryan are way ahead. We’re looking at 65% elephant onesies vs. 35% donkey onesies! Some people at Spunky Stork are NOT happy about that… and some people are thrilled. Needless to say, I stay away from all of that inter-office political drama.

Which onesie (or tee) would you let your kid sport? Or perhaps you prefer to not allow your babe to make ANY political statements, which is perfectly alright too!


One thought on “Unofficial 2012 Voting Prediction… by Babies!

  1. Forge says:

    Har! Not a Romney fan, but that Elephant Onesie is great!

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