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Kids Running Businesses!

Now, this is an idea I can get behind! After all, the developing minds of little ones shouldn’t be ignored. Franchild is a franchise company that encourages kids to manifest their silly (or brilliant) ideas in the form of a mini-business. A little crazy? Perhaps. An early exercise in entrepreneurship? Absolutely. It’s never too early to immerse children in the business of… well, business.

Here’s how it works. Franchild has several business units set up to choose from. They include categories from coffee, to candles to spices. The company helps launch your webpage after you have chosen your business category and then you start ordering your inventory. Franchild even helps with marketing tools like supplying business cards. The rest is up to the little ones!

In my excitement, I have probably not done such a fantastic job describing the concept behind Franchild. Learn more about how this company is committed to helping you and your kids learn the valuable lesson of entrepreneurship. Check out their website here: Franchild Website.

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Little Passports: A Pen Pal for Your Kids!

I’m a firm advocate of traveling and exploring new places, but kids just don’t have the ability to globe-trot, heck city-trot, as much as adults do. Enter San Francisco-based  Little Passports: a company that brings kids an interactive and educational way to learn about the world and its different countries through a mail-order subscription (aka: throwback). This is certainly a welcome departure from all of the web-based and electronic learning tools aimed at little ones these days.

little passports kit spunky stork blog

As a member of Little Passports, each month your child will receive a letter from the company’s “pen pal” characters, Sam and Sofia, describing their adventures in a particular country. Souvenirs, stickers, access to online games and much more are included in adventure kits.

If you are looking for a new way to entertain (and educate) your kid… Little Passports is wonderful way to begin. At only $10.95 per month, your child can read letters – not email! – and follow their new pen pals’ journey around the world.

~ ~ ~

What’s the perfect accompaniment to the Little Passports subscription? A custom World Traveler tee from the Spunky Stork, of course! Pick your cities and gift your kid this special, custom-made travel t-shirt:

world traveler travel traveller kids baby shirt tee

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Why Choose Organic for Babies?

We all know that “organic” is better for you… but what does it really mean, and why should we buy organic clothing for our little ones?

First of all, organic clothes are produced with a variety of environmentally-conscious factors in mind. From factories manufacturing apparel within an ethical workplace to using low-impact dyes to utilizing eco-friendly raw materials, buying organic clothing contributes to being responsible toward the Earth and its people. It makes a statement.

Second, organic clothes are safer for your babies! Many organic clothing companies use nickel-free snaps and closures, safe dyes, organic cotton, bamboo fabric, and/or fair trade practices. Organic companies are usually extremely dedicated to educating people and their customers in the importance of keeping the planet healthy, starting with our little ones.

You will find that many companies that sell organic clothes are active in their community, give back to charity and donate their time to the overall eco-effort. By associating and patronizing these businesses, you can also lend a hand in giving back to our wonderful planet.

Below are some of our favorite companies that sell organic baby clothing:

the Spunky Stork: Crucial clothing for your little ones…

willotoons: where geek meets rock ‘n’ roll

Bamboosa: soft, protective, natural clothing

Zia & Tia: Pure luxury organics

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Personalized Plates for the Kiddos

Custom is in! And what could be cuter than these personalized BPA-free plates? Alphabet Plates makes custom, colorful plates that make dinnertime – heck, any food-time – fun for your children. From personalized monogram plates to sport plates to food plates (pictured here), this tableware can add a little pizazz to those frown-inducing foods that kids love to hate, like broccoli.

Check out the entire collection at AlphabetPlates.com!

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Custom Art Books by Kids

Are you one of those parents that love to show off your child’s artwork? Well, rather than (or in addition to) having Crayola masterpieces hanging on refrigerators or adorning bedroom doors, get your kid published!

Artimus Art is an online company that transforms your child into a real art book author. Just send them a pile of drawings and they will create a beautiful book, complete with a custom cover. The packages are little pricey (from $120 to $220) but the finished product is a fantastic keepsake, worthy of coffee-table-book status. They can also make canvas art pieces, starting at $55.

I can’t think of a better way to preserve your child’s artwork. Plus, books last forever, and they can look back on the books for years to come.

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