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Do Babies Celebrate Halloween?

If you are new mom, any new holiday is the perfect opportunity to deck your kid out in festive attire. Halloween is no exception. On this particular holiday, even though babies aren’t able to actually go out and “Trick or Treat” (duh) they are certainly subjected to every type of costume imaginable. Why? Because babies look adorable in Halloween costumes. We have put together a collage of our favorites below. Check them out… perhaps you’ll get an idea… you’ll definitely get a chuckle:

1) peacock costume from costumesupplies.com 2) Billy Bob pacifier from ebay.com 3) newborn crocodile hat by chicksalejunior on Etsy  4) belted red santa claus organic baby onesie from spunky stork on Etsy 5) pink baby bunny rabbit costume from findcostume.com 6) Nike glow in the dark skeleton shoes from ebay.com 7) baby lobster costume from halloweenandcostumes.com 8) baby albert einstein wig from brandsonsale.com

Don’t forget, if you want to cut out the costumes completely, you can always opt to snag one of our super soft, cool organic baby onesies or tees,  from our organic Halloween collection…. we love Halloween-style! How will you celebrate your holiday?

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Ultra Personalized Baby Blankets

The warmth, snugness and peace of mind that a baby’s blanket is always associated with are what inspires us to buy them for new bundles of joy in the first place.

Now, you can personalize baby blankets with more than just a name or embroidered initials. Fill in the Blankie personalizes blankets with sayings, quotes, poems and much more. Although they are also known for going the traditional route – embellishing their colorful options with baby names and initials- allowing a “blankie” to be customized with something more meaningful is a wonderful and special touch.

Visit Fill in the Blankie to see all the color and pattern options available. Don’t forget that these personalized baby blankets make a fantastic gift!

Speaking of personalization. Check out the Spunky Stork’s custom onesies and tees!

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